TxCell is developing innovative, personalized T cell immunotherapies using antigen specific regulatory T-cells (Ag-Tregs) for severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

The product candidates developed by TxCell and belonging to the ASTrIA platform (Antigen-Specific Treg for Inflammation an Autoimmunity) consist of autologous antigen-specific type 1 regulatory T cells (Ag-Tregs) generated ex-vivo from patient's blood in a proprietary manufacturing process (link).

Ovasave® is TxCell lead product candidate derived from TxCell's proprietary platform. A phase IIb placebo controlled study has been initiated in refractory Crohn's Disease patients. This follows a phase I/IIa study in the same patient population, which has been successfully completed and reported positive clinical efficacy and good tolerability (link1 & link2).

Txcell's second product candidate, Col-Treg, is in development for Autoimmune Uveitis, a rare disease with very limited treatment options. The next step in this program will be a first-in-Man clinical trial aiming at demonstrating the safety and exploring the efficacy of Col-Treg in Autoimmune Uveitis patients.

Further product candidates for autoimmune inflammatory indications are in preclinical development.

This platform enables TxCell to consider the development of an important pipeline of products for the treatment of many chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases which may constitute a catalyst in the medium and long term for the company through internal developments and / or partnerships.

In addition to its ASTrIA platform, which includes antigen-specific Type 1 Treg cells, TxCell is working on the development of a second technology platform based on engineered regulatory T cells. This new platform could lead TxCell to develop a new type of products with the ability to deliver their immunomodulatory action independently of antigen presentation via MHC molecules and express on their surface chimeric antigen receptor (CAR).

Cell therapy products derived from this engineered Treg cells platform could give TxCell the opportunity to meet an even wider spectrum of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions with a strong medical need.

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Assessing regulatory T cells as therapy        

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